The American Boxer Rescue Association (ABRA) is comprised of many Boxer Rescue organizations working together to help dogs in need.  Together we provide education about this wonderful breed (a breed that isn't right for everyone!) and promote responsible rescue efforts nationwide.  The ABRA ER fund exists to help rescues with unexpected veterinary expenses for surgeries and other emergency procedures.

What is a reputable rescue?  

Ethical, responsible rescues don't cut corners.  Some characteristics of a reputable rescue organization:

  • Screens applicants rigorously in order to find the most suitable home for each dog.
  • Completes a veterinary protocol before placement, to include spay/neuter.
  • Performs a home visit to ensure that each dog is going to a safe, stable home.
  • Willingly takes the dog back if the placement does not work out. 
  • Temperament tests each dog to make sure the dog is sound.

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